Serious Crisis System

The most likely failure for any crisis team is not seeing a crisis is imminent.

The Serious Crisis System helps you prepare for a major organisational or reputational crisis.

  1. We start by auditing how you have handled similar events in the past.
  2. An assessment of your current preparation is made, before development of a rapid response plan so when you know how to recognise a crisis and how each member of your crisis team should respond.
  3. Then we test your plan through our simulation workshops.  These sessions are built around some of your more likely crisis scenarios.  In our workshops, your crisis team will have to respond to many event escalations like critical news reports and media commentary, protests, social media pressure, political backlash and shareholder concerns.  Under time pressure, your team will have to make all the key decisions required to navigate an out-of-control situation.  In between each phase of the simulation we discuss what we’ve learnt through crisis case studies and our best practice crisis management principles.

Following this workshop, our 60-minute simulation programme also enables you to continue to reinforce the learning at the office over time.

Corporate Communications

We work with organisations to help them grow and maintain a good relationship with the public through effective communication.  This can be through the media, directly on social media or through government.

Brand love drives profitability, but it also gives you equity you can spend when crisis hits.  Serious helps identify and shine a light on your story to grow brand love.

We’re also there to help with transparent, timely and empathetic communication when you take a few knocks along the way.

Event Response

When an event does happen, you have a limited time to get ahead of it.

We are available 24/7 to help. Click 'Get Immediate Help' to alert us to your emergency. Alternatively you can email us here, or call 0800 585 111 for an immediate response.


Serious is the event director for CrisisX: The Readiness Conference, New Zealand’s crisis management event.

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