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6 September 2020

The other virus hitting business

By Dallas Gurney In the 2017 Netflix series Money Heist, a mysterious man known as “The Professor” recruits a group of eight people to carry out an ambitious robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain.  His meticulous plan involves using hostages to help keep the police at bay for 11 days, which is just long enough to print €2.4 billion…

13 July 2020

Serious launched

A new agency, Serious, has been launched to help brands navigate crises the likes of COVID-19. “Serious prepares organisations for crisis events, then supports them in their immediate response and subsequent reputational repair,” says managing director Dallas Gurney. The agency offers a suite of services, from 24-hour rapid crisis response, to crisis preparation, scenario planning, simulation, review, and brand rebuild…

3 July 2020

Brand strength key to surviving crisis

By Dallas Gurney   Billed as the latest invention from one of the world’s most innovative airlines, the Sky Nest was to give long-suffering economy passengers the chance to grab a mid-flight kip just like the flash business class folk at the front of the plane.  As is the script with most of Air NZ launches, the Sky Nest was…

3 July 2020

Q&A with Ryan Bridge

In this Q&A with Magic Talk’s Ryan Bridge, Serious Managing Director Dallas Gurney answers questions from business leaders about how to navigate the COVID-19 crisis over the balance of 2020.

2 July 2020

Firm puts kiwi business through corporate chaos

Coverage of Serious simulations and CrisisX by Damian Venuto in NZ Herald.

1 July 2020

COVID-19: The Neverending Story

Serious managing director Dallas Gurney talks about business during a sustained period of crisis like COVID-19.