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18 May 2021

Inside Waikato DHB’s cyber attack

By Dallas Gurney While certainly the highest profile victim, the Waikato DHB weren’t the only organisation facing cyber security issues today. The DHB, which is the main public health care provider from the Coromandel in the north to Taumarunui in the south, fell afoul of hackers this morning (Tuesday 18th May, 2021), causing major disruptions to health services throughout the…

24 March 2021

It’s official: the Royal Family are a brand in crisis

By Dallas Gurney It was always going to be a firecracker, but nobody could’ve foreseen the consequences of Oprah Winfrey’s interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex last week. From Meghan’s mental health struggles to allegations of inappropriate racial comments made about their then unborn son, Archie; the revelations came thick and fast from a couple revered in the…

8 February 2021

Why is ‘sorry’ the hardest word?

By Dallas Gurney There is a seductive moment at the start of every reputational crisis where you think you might’ve gotten away with it. Something potentially cataclysmic happens – a prominent manager gets done for fraud; the marketing team make an ad that misrepresents the brand; or the social media person makes an off-colour joke on your facebook page thinking…

8 December 2020

Learning from the Safety Warehouse $100k Drop fiasco

By Dallas Gurney “Why don’t we drop $100k in the middle of downtown Auckland?” “Genius!” said the managing director. “Our people will love us!” said the sales manager. Oh, how I would have loved to be in that brainstorm.  To see how that kernel of an idea turned into a fully-fledged happening thing. In case you missed it, Safety Warehouse…

8 November 2020

A higher purpose: does your CMT have one?

By Dallas Gurney The Comey Rule  has just landed on Neon and is a must watch for political junkies. Starring Jeff Daniels as FBI Director James Comey and Brendan Gleeson as Donald Trump, the drama chronicles the FBI’s investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and allegations around the storage of sensitive emails on private servers during her time as…

1 November 2020

The human cost of crisis

By Dallas Gurney Last Wednesday I took a call on my mobile at 6:35am.  On the other end of it was a man, clearly in distress, who needed urgent help for his son who was battling some sort of mental health crisis. While I was quick to realise the crisis services he needed were not the kind we offer at…