Serious crisis response, communications and reputation management

The Serious Crisis System helps you prepare for organisational crisis, react in the best possible way and repair your brand and reputation to pre-crisis levels.

Why Serious?

We’ve not just worked with organisations facing tough situations, we’ve led them.

From natural disasters to pandemics to reputational catastrophes, we too have been thrust into making big decisions, with big consequences, while under intense public scrutiny. When good decisions need to be made and communicated at pace, we shine.

Serious has worked with dozens of high-profile New Zealand businesses to help them prepare for and navigate issues and crisis. Every organisation we work with, we learn more about the nuances of crisis management and can pass those accumulated learnings on to our clients.

We know first-hand what it is like in the eye of the storm. It’s that experience that differentiates us from others.

Serious Crisis System

We work with you on how to identify crisis and automate your crisis response so when trouble hits you swing into action immediately, regardless of the individual issue.

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